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Friday, October 21, 2011

crunchy leaves

The weather has been weird this year here in Ohio,
and this fall is no exception.
The leaves are changing color and falling to the ground.
The sun is shining bright during the day and the nights are cool and crisp.
So, far, seems normal;
but, then add the rain, like it's November already...
The rain comes and goes - leaving a big, mushy mess.
The wet leaf and rain combination is making for some slick driving conditions.
I prefer the dry, cool days to the cold, wet, mushy days, don't you?

While it's been raining this week, I've meandered over a couple of quilts.
This is Mary's -
it's a king-sized beauty for a friend who had surgery complications.
It is very inspirational:
This next one is mine -
and not really a quilt,
but a wall-hanging...
 Right now, it's a floor-laying :)
so I could take a pic before giving to my
favorite sonny and his family.
Then it will be a wall-hanging!
Anyway, this was a Moda panel with a free web-pattern.
The pattern told you to chop up the panel,
and use companion fabrics to make the piecing and prairie points. 
It was a pretty quick project, and I think the kids will love it.
And, it's the first time that I only put prairie points on two sides of a quilt.
The prairie points kind of remind me of fall leaves....
even after you rake them into piles,
there are a few that still stick out around the edges.

So, back on that leaf-y subject...
I miss the crunchy-leaf weather.
I like to walk in them, rake them into big piles and rustle through them.
Maybe even a jump (or two) into them. 
That's what crunchy leaves are for!

Since I can't go play in the crunchy leaves,
it's back to stitching and meandering for me.
Happy Stitching to you!
Are you a fall weather fan?  Crunchy leaves and all?

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