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Saturday, October 22, 2011

more smiles

As you can see in my header picture,
I have a wardrobe cupboard in my living room
in which I have stacked my old, family quilts.
Also stacked are some newer quilts
that can be pulled out and used on cold winter nights, for couch snugglin'.
In the bottom of this wardrobe cupboard,
I have a very large, 16 inch-tall, "Ball" canning jar.
It's wired with a "candle" bulb/candlestick,  and bottom-filled with rose hips and mini pine cones.
I needed a replacement bulb for this great jar...
this is exactly what I was looking for:
While shopping for said replacement bulb,
I found this:
It's in the candlestick on the front porch table vignette...
and it
makes me smile!

Happy October!
(ps...I found something else that makes me smile,
so watch for a great little autumn-y give-away
in the next couple of days) 

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  1. He's cute! I display my old quilts (only a few) on an old wooden ladder in my guest bedroom. A wardrobe would be great, but, no place to put one.


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