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Sunday, October 16, 2011


This past Thursday was my last day working at the closing LQS.
I thought I'd get started on some reorganization/cleaning around the house. 

And I have SOOOOOO many things on my to-do list here. 
I feel like I did a ba-zillion things yesterday a.m, but it sure doesn't look like it.

Then a friend stopped by in the afternoon 
and we just sat and talked and hand-stitched.
(I have her doing hand-stitching - never thought I'd see the day :))
(And she's enjoying it!!!)

Anyway, I needed that break, so restful...

This afternoon, I'm heading to another friend's
to have a little retreat just for the afternoon and tomorrow. 
I'm going to do some more hand-stitching (bow ties, hexies, and an applique bow on the "present" quilt) so I'm not taking my machine. 

So, even though I'm not packing the whole 9 yards machine, etc., I still have about 2 tons of stuff ready to put into the back of the vehicle.  Why does that happen?  Guess I'm afraid that I'll stitch so fast I'll complete EVERYTHING and not have anything to do - ha!

I'm also taking my Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage project 
(I have block 5 in stitching-progress-above,
and I have block number 6 ready to trace and color).
(Below are blocks 2, 3 & 4 - all finished!)
It is going to be a great restful... 

Can't wait 'til next week, as it's:
tooth repair time, annual check-up time, colon check time, clean the windows time, call the computer guru time, clean up the garden time, and I'm sure I'm missing something many other things...

Yes, that last paragraph was sarcasm,
and yep, I needed this restful weekend!

Happy stitching!

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