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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

this week

Yes, this week is packed with "stuff" I need to do.

But, as I was sitting, awaiting my "time in the chair" -
dental, that is,
I decided it was time to get some things finished up...
you know, all of those little unfinished things
that need to be done that would finish a project.

Like, sewing- it just needs a border. 
This piece just needs to be framed:
Or quilting-
mine and commission. 
Or binding, or snipping threads, or layering. 
Or, just sorting through some stacks of fabric to come up with the right one color/shade to finish a kit of my own that I wanted to put together for a magazine project that I loved.
IE: Primitive Quilts & Projects, the first issue, that I didn't ever do the FAVORITE project that I loved when that magazine came, oh, about six months ago!

What made me think of this
was this past weekend
when I stopped in a new wool shop
in Centerville Ohio-
(click the shop name to see some of her pics).
It's just a little place, only 288 square feet,
but so full of fun and inspiration. 
There were great wools, flosses, patterns,
and finished primitive/folky items! 
You could tell that Valerie, the owner,
loved every little bit of wool and space there. 

What this cute little space reminded me of
was the fact that
it doesn't take a whole boatload of stuff
to finish your whatever. 
You just have to jump in and do it!

So, without any kind of priority list, I'm jumpin' in!
It seems that I have stack of things
that I'd like to do, or finish, or, even start. 

(: Yes, I purchased some wool
from The Wooden Acorn -
another something to add to my stack of things to do! :)

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  1. Twas fun to have you come visit. I can see you putting your wool to good use.

    BTW...your "Alphabet Stew" project looks great.

    Smiles - Valerie


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