Lucy Boston

Friday, March 23, 2012

According to folklore, 
if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb...
and vice versa...
Do you think that goes for more than the weather????!!!

I sure hope so, as my March sure
came in like a Lion (flu-wise),
but quilting-wise,
it was very lamb-like...
and that's not like me at all!
I'm hoping for more, more, more quilt-y stuff
for the rest of the month!

I did get started on the beginning of "Gardener's Alphabet"!
Well, really, I've started on the END of the Gardener's Alphabet...
I know it's hard to see,
but that's my "Y" Yarrow -
traced, colored, heat-set, and ready to start stitching!
The "W & X" panel is also ready - YAY!

I had quite a few of the flosses from other projects

but I didn't have all the colors for this project,
so I ordered a few more of the Lecien/Cosmo variegates
because I love the variation of the variates...
that and they are so nice to stitch with and they don't fade or bleed.

So, seems like with some panels ready to stitch,
maybe I'm ready to get something going this month, after all!

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