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Friday, March 30, 2012

meanderings & Christmas

I have been quilting & meandering in the past couple of months,
not that this blog has shown it...
some of it is project work for the LQS and their shop hop,
so I can't share yet- sorry.
And it's some really GREAT stuff, too!
Some of the quilting I have been working on was my own, 
but I can't share it either at this point, as it's gifty stuff.
Yes, I said gifty stuff! 
As in I'm working on Christmas gifts!
For this coming Christmas,
not as in this past Christmas.
Shocking, I know!
Something must be wrong with me!
Take my temperature, quick!

Back to quilting: 
I have done some meandering for commissions.
A few of those I can't show, as they want surprises.
But I can share Louise's quilt:
I first met Louise when she was in a hand-embroidery class with me at a LQS about 5 or so years ago.  For her first project EVER she did Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Crabapple Hill.  Yes, as her first project!  All hand-embroidered center blocks, and all pointy-star blocks around the outside (wish I had a pic to share, somehow, I don't have a pic saved).  And, she let me quilt it! 
Anyway, she hasn't looked back!
She even comes up with something creative for the backs
Louise's quilt back
and makes each quilt very personalized for the receipent. 
I just love her and her quilts.

OK, back to the machine!  Christmas is calling!

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