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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nice threads!

So, as I shared last week, I have started the "next up for me"
Crabapple Hills' "Gardener's Alphabet" quilt...
and as I didn't have all the flosses I needed for the project,
I found a nice shop online to order some of them.
I had not ordered from this shop before, but they had a whole lot of nice stuff!

I was so excited when the package arrived!
I spent just over $30. for the flosses.
Add  $5.45 for shipping.
That makes a grand total of $38.00.

I opened the package with such anticipation!
And this is what I found:
I was so disappointed...
There seems to have been  no care given in packaging or presentation.

Almost forty of my hard earned dollars.
and it looks like a wadded up mess.

(It was packed in plastic, with a business card thrown in.
And the whole thing was mailed in a bubble-wrap lined envelope.)
But, am I being too wanting or needy?
Are my expectations set too high?
WHAT happened to making the customer feel special?

It wouldn't have taken much to make this order "special" . 
Just by taking the time to lay the floss skeins beside each other.
Maybe a little piece of tissue or a little piece of curling ribbon...
And I know the cost of shipping has gone up, but this weighed only TWO OUNCES!
and, $5.45 for shipping seems just a tad high.

So, I'm just a little disenchanted.
I think I'll send off an email and let the online shop know my disappointment.
And that I had to immediately take them all out and straighten them:)

Am I the only one "OUT HERE" that would like a little nice-ness when I spend my money?

I can't wait to start stitching with them,
so I still say, nice threads!


  1. There are stores online that know all about customer service. I've shopped at a few. Sorry. Hopefully they will do better next time.

  2. I agree the floss should have been laid nicely in the plastic bag. But $5.45 for shipping was dirt cheap. The bubble envelope costs money and either postage or UPS is not cheap. Small things don't go so much by weight, but by a minimum charge. Tissue and curly ribbon all cost money. If the price for the floss was good then I would continue patronizing them and pass on the frills.


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