Lucy Boston

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

more spring/sprung

Upon returning home recently from being out of town,
I knew Spring had sprung
when I saw this:
It's an old, cast iron hog feeder trough
that I have on my back deck.
I say, what's wrong with a hog feeder on the back deck?
I did re-purpose it,
'cause there are no piggies around here!
(well, there was a little pot-bellied piggy roaming the neighborhood one summer,
 but that's another story for another time:)
So, it now holds dirt :),
and I guess that's not far from the farm...
Anyway, sometimes I plant annual blooming things in it.

But check out what's coming up this year:
Aren't those some of the COOLEST mosses?
And it looks like they are blooming already!
I'm thinkin'
maybe I won't be planting
any annual blooming things
in the hog feeder trough this year!

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