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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Sprung!

Well, finally had to do it...
I took Sweetie away...
He has recuperated well with his ankle surgery,
but NINE (LONG) WEEKS at home, he's just really bored.
And, he's not supposed to be doing anything...
the operative word there is "supposed".

Soooo, because he started getting more than a little antsy,
we packed the car and drove to southern Florida!
It was a wonderful week away -
sunshine, white sandy beaches,
no barn in which Sweetie could go out to "work".

Evidently, it was a wonderful week here at home, too.
Check out the blooms:
The grass grew really fast, too:
Really???!!!  Seventeen inch tall grass in a week?
And, don't know if you noticed
the flower bed in the background of the last picture...
Yes, those are weeds in front of the tulips -
weeds as tall as the tulips!

Good to be home :)
And, just in time,
Sweetie's off his medical leave
and back to work!
Speaking of work,
we'll tackle the
Spring grass and Sprung weeds
this week.

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