Lucy Boston

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The kitchen is open...

Boy, did we have some VIOLENT storms come through last Friday night!

Personally, we had power most of the time,
but neighbors and friends did not.  
Our personal hardship is
no Internet/telephone/cable
during this SCORCHING HEAT...
(I stopped at a wifi hot-spot today on the way to town to check email and blog.
The last news that I heard was it could be expected back by the weekend.)

Many neighbors still do not have power,
and have not had it since last Friday p.m.
Our house lights were like
beacons in the storm,
as we became the
neighborhood B&B/laundromat/air conditioned stop-in place.
And if roles were reversed,
I know they would have done the same.
I love my neighbors!!!
But, truth be told,
I was glad to go back to work at
the LQS on Tuesday
where my work was not cook, laundress, or bed changer :).

Can you tell from this pic
what Sweetie got to do for his b-day (and for the next 4 days straight)?
Yep, he was wood cutter, extraordinaire!
This was the place on the front porch
where he paused to take off his work boots
after clearing storm-downed trees.

I love this pic!
Oxymoronic -
as it looks serene
with the boots on the deck beside a rocking chair,
but the little wood chips all around
tell the NOT serene story of hard labor and sweat
in the aftermath of the violent storm
of downed trees and wind damage.

back to the heat and humidity -
and the removal of storm debris.
We are getting ready to host
the Paternal Family Reunion this weekend,
and I have stuff to do
that wasn't included in the original plan of getting ready!
But I wanted to make sure I checked in on my Blog Friends,
and to say
a big THANKS to all of those
workers from all around the U.S.
that have come to our aid...

THANKS Power and Utility workers!!!
We appreciate your help and long hours.

And if you need,
stop in for a cold glass of water,
some air conditioning
and a hot meal
at a table with a chair,
not on the blacktop in a grocery parking lot,
sitting against your work truck!


  1. Glad to hear you've weathered the storms. We haven't lost power but did loose a tree. Hope to be able to quilt this weekend.

  2. We saw 40+ power trucks headed towards the east on Saturday, while driving south thru Oklahoma. Saw some of them headed back while driving west thru Missouri yesterday. Nice of them to help out all over.


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