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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


December 12, 2012 -
Doesn't that sound like a great day?
Well, it is for my brother- for it's his birthday!!!
I kept telling him he needs to do something fantastic for today! 
as it won't happen again for another century. 

This was also a great year for one of my nieces -
her birthday was October 11, and she turned 13!
That's 10-11-12-13.  Too cool, huh?

I'm going to have to do something special for them
when we all gather for Christmas, aren't I?
Any ideas??

Besides working the local shop hop/vendors mall
this past Friday and Saturday (fun, fun, fun),
I have done a little meandering:
The two pot holder quilts, in the first picture below, I quilted on my Sashiko,
for the shop and the Shop Hop/show,
but the great thing? 
Five of us at the shop each made a block for the shop quilt
we each made one for one another -
so BONUS!!! 
all five of us have a little quilt and table topper!!! 
Isn't that sweet?
Potholder Christmas -
bright: above, on wall;
vintage: below on dry sink

I also have quilted Peg's t-shirt quilt
and need to get this to her. 
Peg's "Turtle Patrol" t-shirt quilt
That's all for now, but,
 I will wish you this -
Happy 12-12-12!!!
'cause I won't be able to tell you this
again for another hundred years!!!
Hope it's a great day for you!!

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  1. I'm making cupcake birthday mini quilts for a few special people who's birthdays are around Christmas. I have pictures of the blocks on my blog (Dec 2nd post) and I'm heading upstairs shortly to quilt them.


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