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Thursday, December 6, 2012

quilt, quilt, quilt

Got a bug this past week - yuk!
(thank you Sweetie)
I think it's trying to live in my head :)
My head still thinks it's a barometer,
and sounds like the rain is here to stay for the next week,
so the combination of head bug and rain front is not a good combo...
Definitely slowed down the quilting process.

I did do a couple of quilts and
got them delivered BEFORE I was a sick-y,
so here are the pics...
quilt pics!
 Joell's also!
 Aren't they both GREAT!!!?  Both were large quilts and beautifully done.  She's so great & so prolific!
Next up, Janet!
She's great, too - this is the first of three quilts that she gave me to quilt- she has three nephews and they are getting some really cute gifts this year.  I have one quilted and back to her.  I'm sure she's already finished with the binding and awaiting the final two:) back from me!
 I quilted circles in the marble-d areas.  I love this quilt!  So fun!
OK, off to bed for me.
I've heard that sleep is good for head-bugs :)!

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