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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

quilts to wrap up

the end of the year...

The end of the year?  Already? 
Time sure does fly when you are having fun,
and I HAVE been having fun!

We have a blizzard blowing in today, so it's a Snow/Sew Day for me
(but I wanted to share some finishes before I settle down to stitching!).

Here are some pics of quilts/meandering to wrap up the end of the year:

12 of the 20 Pot Holder or Hot Pad blocks
that I Sashiko quilted:
The four gals at the LQS and I did a Hot Pad Block Swap...
we each chose fabrics and made five of the same block,
then swapped with each other
so we each have five blocks -
four for a 30" x 30" table topper
 and a smaller, single, hot pad sized topper.
(mine aren't quilted yet, but maybe this weekend :)
Janet's quilts for TWINS!!!:
 Aren't they cute?
You can tell by the lighting in the pics
that I finished one during daylight hours and one after dark :). 
And, oops, sorry, both are pictured upside-down!
It was a close finish on my part
so she could gift them at Christmas,
but they got done!! 
If you recall from a post of mine a couple of weeks ago,
I quilted another of this same quilt for her third nephew.  Lucky boys!
Next on the finish list:  Louise's!

(sorry, the pic has sunlight coming through,
making the back look textured)

She always does something cool for the back using focus fabrics and scraps.  I think this was a gift for her sister.  Another great finish for Louise.

Last up: Chris's "Butterflies" for her granddaughter:
Chris did some embroidery on this top before she put borders on. 
She did a great job, but I neglected to get a close up of the embroidery work :(
She asked me to not only quilt this,
 but also finish it for her, so I got to do some binding one night:)
So, back to work!  I still have one more quilt that I'm working on...
then I can get mine wrapped up!

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  1. Wow! that was a lot of quilting! I really like the potholder blocks and the swap
    T in TX


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