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Sunday, December 2, 2012

reving up & a couple of handfuls

Welcome December!!

Can hardly believe it - December already!
Where has this year gone?

First off, Happy Birthday to my daughter!  
Those memories of the first of December thirty-two years ago are great ones;
as are the memories in the years since!  Love you!

Secondly, now that Thanksgiving is over, 
and daughter (even though she's grown and lives out of state) 
has had her December 1st birthday,
I'm allowed  :) to start playing Christmas music,
pull out the Christmas decor and strings of lights!!!  
(her rules from waaay back - old habits are hard to curb:)

I've put away the Autumn dishware and inside decor,
moved out all of the squash/pumpkin displays from the porches,

pumpkins from my crop

pumpkin and squash from my brothers' crop
  and did a quick clean-up of the living areas of the house.  
SO, it's time to get going!!
It's always fun to get out the boxes of memories -
ornaments and decor - and reminisce.
Just like everyone else, I have much to do...
cleaning, shopping, baking, and the aforementioned decorating.  

I also have a couple of handfuls of customer quilts
(yes that's ten!, but couple of handfuls sounds better:)
to get done and back to them...
I hope to have them all finished by the weekend of the 10th.
That will give me time to rev up to full speed for my Christmas.
Are you getting up to speed for Christmas???

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