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Saturday, December 22, 2012

done/finished :)

Holy mackerel, Bat Man!
Was today really the 22nd of December???!!!

Just like all of you,
I've too many things left to do and the days are flying by!

*Tree - family excursion to choose not only the prettiest, but the "best smelling" one too...(I like the Canaan Firs 'cause they smell orange-y) Anyway, it's a family joke that I like to go smell all the trees in the field to choose one.  As of this a.m., it's decorated/done.
*Picked up daughter from airport
right before the weather closed it down Thursday p.m.
*The storm that blew across the U.S. earlier in the week hit here Friday leaving treacherous driving with 6 inches of snow and heavy winds all day - cleaned snow from porches and walkways multiple times between wrapping and cleaning.
*BONUS - got to play in the snow a little today:

Our front porch rail
*Family party here today/Saturday with 30ish for dinner -and it went very smoothly.
*Baby quilt: ready to meander, wrap and gift Sunday afternoon.
*Sweeties' family party Sunday, thankfully not here, but 50ish after church -prepped.
*Monday a.m. - quilt finishing: one left to Sashiko: prepped.
*Monday evening - multi-course dinner here (under 10 folks this year I think) groceries in.
*Tuesday - breakfast will be prepped the day or so before.
*Tuesday - lunch - hopefully mostly left-overs.
*Tuesday p.m. - daughter back to airport -about the same time as the next storm is expected to blow in.

My decorating?  Done.
Baking?  Minimal, but done.
Shopping and wrapping?  Done.
This past week I have also:
Made cookies with grand daughter.
Made cakeballs with 3 nieces and one of their friends.

part of the 200 snowmen, reindeer
and random other cakeballs we made
Cleaned most of the house - hit the most important parts anyway.
So, notice that I have been saying DONE.

Done is when you are out of time and
you call it FINISHED!!

What a wonderful time of year!
Don't you love it?

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  1. LOVE your snowmen!!! and you cakes. T in TX


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