Lucy Boston

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my POTC Lucy for February

Patchwork of the Crosses/Lucy Boston blocks 
for February!
Oops!  Guess I forgot to share my finishes last month...
Well, almost finishes...
My goal is to do one of these blocks
EACH WEEK of this year.

My January goal was met - five done.
But this February group picture?
Bottom left block was missing
it's outside border of honeycomb pieces
when the photo was taken!
(: My March goal is looking about the same -
with only a couple of days remaining in this month
I don't have my outside borders put on the March blocks either! :)
Back to those February blocks, above, 
I have them laid out on a small piece of blue-grey, linen-looking fabric...
I'm thinking I want my connecting squares from this color family.
The blue-grey is definitely much cooler looking
than the original Lucy 
as it was connected with a warm, rosey-pink.
Although I'm auditioning colors,
I'm not choosing my color for the connecting squares YET,
'cause a want to do quite a few more blocks to get a good representation of
the colors before I decide.
Back to stitching for me -
happy Wednesday stitching to you, also!


  1. Pretty, but, lots of work. Enjoy them, but, don't make them 'un-fun' by pressuring yourself.


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