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Thursday, June 27, 2013

a few pics from NQA Colulmbus OH

I know one of the winners!!!
Civil War 150th Commemorative Quilt
Colleen, Centerville, OH
Colleen won Honorable Mention in the category Duet quilt, large! 
I was present when she saw that she had ribbons and it was so exciting!  Congrats, friend!!! 
Her quilt was made from a Barbara Brackman sew along (on-line), 54 blocks, each depicting an historical event during the Civil War.  And, my close-up of the quilt didn't turn out, so this is what I have:  She made this for a new grand-daughter, & there is much symbolism in the quilt.  Now there's more documentation with ribbons! (it was quilted by Linda French - thus the Duet category).
The piecing was perfection, as were her fabric choices.  The quilting was block specific, so it was great-looking from the back, too.
Also, I asked the winner to autograph my program, which she even personalized for me :)
American Vortex by Marilyn Hardy, Tyler, TX
American Vortex was from an 1910 quilt design, but she added appliqued eagles and stars...and the quilting spiraled out from the center.  I loved the red and white!
Cherry Rose by Merna Hilkert, Cambridge Springs, PA
 Very nice applique, and lots of perfect circles! Red-White-Green...very sharp looking!
"Big Bertha" by Margaret Solomon Gunn, Gorham, ME
 A traditional Dresden quilt with a modern twist, great borders, and she named it after her grandmother, which I loved.  It had beautiful quilting! (First, I don't have a whole quilt picture, sorry.
Also, don't know why it's turned sideways, sorry again.  It was very LARGE and beautiful.)
Redbud Ramble by Linda Roy of Knoxville, TN
This was a great tree quilt (I love trees!) She used graph paper and did all hand-work: appliqued, quilted, & embroidered!-all original!

Well, that's it for tonight...
I get to work at the LQS tomorrow
(which is right off a main highway through the center of Ohio),
and with the quilt show in town,
many folks traveling to and fro will stop in for a visit.

It's great to see everyone heading to/from the show -
hope you can stop in too, if you're heading to town this weekend!


  1. some really incredible quilts really love them all but the tree one I love cause is is so personal,the buds on the trees and it looks like dogwoods in the corners lots and lots of applique

  2. Great job Colleen!!!!!!
    Good to see you yesterday Deb.

  3. Thanks for the raving review. I felt exactly like I did 40+ years ago when I won a Blue Ribbon as a 4H member at the Wayne County Fair.

  4. Congrats to the winners. Wow, what beautiful works of art. So envious of you who can stitch those dreams. Pats on the back all around.

  5. That Redbud Rambler is exquisite. Some people have such vision.


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