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Sunday, June 2, 2013

another baby quilt plus a question

Another baby, another "small" finish:
I cut 2 1/2 inch by 10 inch strips and
did my own small version of Trip Around the World
(with five-square blocks).
All scrappy strips, and border & backing from stash.
Can't tell from my picture, but that's a pretty, purple batik border (that finished about 2 1/2 inches), so a made-in-a-day quilt for a baby shower gift.  I was unable to make it to the shower, as we had a BOAT LOAD of  "stuff"  for this past weekend, so I sent it along with the grandma-to-be.
I sure think it turned out cute.

Now the question:
Do you gift quilts? 
And if you gift a quilt, do you intend, like or dislike
the gifted quilt to be used?

I know that a gift is just that:
a gift.
It's use, how it's used, or not,
 is up to the recipient's discretion.
I have no control for after it is gifted...I'm not questioning that.
I'm just surprised by the number of folks that I quilt-gift to
that choose to "put them up"
for the child to have when they are grown.
OR, an adult who's received a quilt and "puts it up for good".

I guess that while I'm making a quilt:
cutting and piecing and quilting and binding,
that I'm enjoying the whole process
and envisioning the comfort, smiles and USE that the quilt will bring. 
I never have imagined that it would be "put up" as an heirloom...
I might have to re-think my quilt making!  Heirloom??!! - pressure, pressure! :) 


Now, back to the shower-quilt-gift, shown above...
the shower was for a good friend's d-i-l,
but to be held at a location over two and a quarter hours drive one way.
I explained to the good friend about all the "stuff" I already had planned for the day
and she totally understood (as her daughter lives out of state also).

So with daughter home/airport pick-up and drop-off,
family in for dinner to visit out-of-state visitor,
two grad parties and a wedding shower this weekend, 
PLUS the out of town baby shower,
I chose to stay home and visit, not travel the almost 5 hours to the shower.
I decided I needed a Jethro Gibbs-like "rule" (:no # yet:) -
RULE:  I have to be able to stay at a party longer than the total drive time
or I can't make it. :)

So, the weekend is over, & my boat-load has (mostly) disembarked...
company is gone, dinners (plural) done, parties & showers over for this weekend, some laundry going & dishwasher running now.
AND it's almost Monday! I need to do some stitching to relax!

Hope your weekend was great, too.
Happy June!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need a day off to rest from your day off.
    Hope your week is more relaxing.

  2. The only things I machine quilt are baby quilts, so that they will hold up to TONS of washing. Baby quilts are to be USED!


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