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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


With all the gatherings last weekend,
I, of course, did some cooking and baking. 
I love to cook for family...because they so appreciate it!

Daughter had sent me a link to a cake recipe she thought looked & sounded good.
I gathered the supplies and created this monster of a dessert:
Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake with White Chocolate Icing
(I didn't take a photo of the cake when it was whole and pretty looking, but I did take these shots after the party was over and the cake was a little saggy.)

So, the cake's original recipe (link here) called for a
made from scratch chocolate cake,
a scratch cheesecake with broken, double-stuffed Oreos,
scratch icing made with melted white chocolate.
Oh, yeah, and dotted with mini Oreos for polka dots.
I mostly bake from scratch, and rarely do I not change something in a recipe.  This was no exception. 
With three different scratch recipes to make, I did change it up just a little...
I used a box cake mix for the chocolate cake part.
So what you see is a two layer, dark chocolate cake,
"filled" with a separately made, steam-baked Cheesecake with broken Oreos,
then iced with a very sweet icing of butter, whipping cream, powdered sugar AND melted white chocolate.

All of those parts of cake would have been individually GREAT...
but layer all together, with white chocolate icing between and all over?
WAY too sweet for my taste!
Sure didn't stop the family, though. 
And THAT is why it's great to cook for family-
they SO appreciate it (even if it's way too sweet)!


  1. yum, yum! That looks like a whole lotta sweetness!

  2. When I read "Sweetness" I thought you were talking about me again. Oops, wrong for the first time.


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