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Friday, June 21, 2013

eggs, moons & cherries

It's that time again!!!
Summer starts today -
that means it's time to gather your eggs
and stand them on end!!
Wait!! That works better on the first days of  Spring and Autumn...
Chef's Secrets
(I had to borrow this pic, as I couldn't find my pictures of
previous egg standings...
yes, I have made my eggs stand up, and yes, I have taken pictures!)
Today is the longest day of the year!
And, it's almost time for the SUPER MOON!!!
Yeah, that's it!
Be forewarned! 
Weird happenings can be expected
the next couple of days and nights
when the Full-Super Moon arrive!!
Way too much gravitational pull or something :)
You can bet I'll have my camera out for that, too.

All I know for sure is that this is the time of year
to protect the cherries!!!
Meet Plastic, the owl.
We have him to watch over our cherry tree:
Somehow, the birds know
right when the cherries are "ripe for the picking"
and can clean off a tree before you can get your bucket out!!
Unless you have a good friend like our Plastic!
With the help of our friend, Plastic,
and some tree netting,
we get most of the cherries
and the birds just have a snack
not the other way around.
Sweetie and I have picked just five or six quarts of cherries so far - enough to freeze a couple of quarts and make a couple of  small cobblers to take to the neighbors. 
More to pick and freeze this weekend.
I just love this time of year!
Well, minus the eggs, weird happenings from the Super Full Moon, and the
cherry picking birds.
Happy first day of Summer to you! 

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