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Monday, June 24, 2013

summer time & quilting

Well, the weather sure took a turn to the HOT here!!!
Summer has arrived, right on schedule and let us know it!
And "DD" - the long-arm machine, is in the sun room.
The sun room that faces the southwest...
you can guess what that means, can't you?
I've been doing some HOT quilting :)

Quilting for other folks, not for me...
(good for them, not so much for my stash-shrinkage).
Here's Elaine's log cabin table topper:
52" square
(No, I have not started mine yet :), but I think I've quilted five of these now.)

And four more hot pad blocks for Sharon:
each 14 inches square
Sharon is in her first applique class and is up-to-date now with her three blocks each month of this "Our Flower Garden" class at The Good Wives Co. in Marion (and, again, you still can't tell she's just a beginner quilter - it's pretty amazing).

On the note of cherry-picking - this could be the best crop we've had in over a decade!  I'm almost tired of pickin' :0 but they are so deliciously tart! and will be oh, so good this Winter.

Happy last week of June to you!
I'm off to do a little stitching of my own.

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  1. The applique blocks caught my eye. Very well done. The one with the bird and the one with the berries are my favorite.

    What kind of cherries?


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