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Monday, October 14, 2013

group, gang, rafter or flock?

Wild turkeys are in town!!
(no, not the alcohol, but the bird!)

There has been this large 'group' of turkeys  
in our rural neighborhood the last couple of months.
Seven to ten birds strolling the fields and meadows...
I snagged this photo from longislandpress dot com
'cause the wild turkeys in our neighborhood
are more than a little camera shy.
I think that these wild turkeys are beautiful. 
And evidently they are doing a good job hiding from the coyotes,
as the contingency is staying in high numbers!
Then, there are domesticated turkeys:
Stole this pic from my sis -
my niece and nephew had wonderful turkeys
for the County Fair this year.
I think that these turkeys are beautiful, too.

So then comes the discussion:
What is a Group or Gang of turkeys called?
Rafter? or Flock?
I said: Rafter of turkeys.
Neighbor said: Flock of turkeys.
We did an on-line search - guess it depends on which site you use.
Rafter AND Flock are both correct. 
Though we did find that 
rafter is used for domesticated turkeys
 and flock is for wild turkeys. 
But then, there was exactly the opposite. 
No matter - neither my neighbor or I
are going to go on some trivia/game show
where we'd need to know this answer.

Anyway, I've been enjoying seeing
the coming and going of this bird family...
and though I have a very nice turkey call,
I haven't used it to lure them in.  Yet. :)

Maybe I'll make me a
Turkey of a Quilt
errr, quilt of a turkey
 to remember this turkey event. 
Then I'd HAVE to know the answer to the question -  
Rafter or Flock? for my quilt label. :)
Happy October, and
hope you get to stitch a little this week!


  1. love the turkey pics and your humor - turkey of a quilt - Ha
    Thanks for the laugh!
    T in Tx

  2. Nice looking turkeys - are any of them for dinner? ;)
    I love birds and birdwatching too. Just never thought of watching the bigger birds!


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