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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stripping. And strip give away.

Last week or so I shared with you the stripy quilt table-topper
that I made with some of my left-over stripy-strings of fabric:
I think it might be my favorite quilt ever!!!
(But I guess I say that after every finish, don't I? :)

And I heard back from quite a few of you that you also
do the Strip-y String quilt thing too.
There are some really GREAT quilts and quilters out in blogland!

At first, I thought I'd make another quilt with the left-overs. 
If you can imagine, 
I didn't use all of my Autumn colored strings. :)

(see that nice pile of Strips below my finished quilt?)
After more thought
 ("who am I trying to kid- A.D.D kicking in here!"),
I decided I'd rather move on 
had already moved on to another project.
I've had so many comments and compliments
(thank you very much!)
about my little quilt,
that I thought that there might be someone who'd like
to have my left-over stripy-strings.
They are random width & length strings -
predominately browns, with some blues, golds and brick reds thrown in. 
Most of the fabrics are reproduction fabrics, but a couple are not. 

If you are interested
in adding these STRINGS to your collection,
just leave me a comment on this post
before MIDNIGHT, Saturday, October 19th.
If there are multiple folks that would like them,
I'll do a random draw  on Sunday, the 20th.
Make sure I have a way
to contact you in your comment;
as I'll send you an email
to get your snail mail address.
Happy stripping Stitching!


  1. I would love to have your leftover strips to create a twin to your beautiful tablerunner. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I'm good with strips, thanks! But loved seeing your little quilt again. I was particularly interested in how you chose to bind it - I see it's very narrow.

  3. I'd love a chance to play with your extras! I've got several strippy candle mats planed for holiday gifts and these would add great variety! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. If you draw my name for these strips, I will be able to use them in my block swap for 2014. We are making log cabin blocks from an Edyta Sitar pattern. We are a small group of quilters that have been swapping for a few years, but have never met in person. Each year we pick a different quilt. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Hi Debra. Just love your tabletopper! What a great use of strings or worms. Sure would like to add your leftovers to my scrap collection.


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