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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I String Thing... Do you?

String piecing with foundation, that is.

A friend got me started on these stringy things...

Don't know if she is
more of an inspirational instigator
or trouble-maker, :)
but, I do thank you, friend - you know who you are.

Like most quilters, I have plenty of scraps to use...
 String Things sure make for great use of scraps.
And use scraps I did!
I used some of the great colors of Autumn for my strings -
browns of all shades:  
from warm golden browns to deep, almost blackish-browns.
Throw in a little Autumnal accent:
brick-y red, some mossy-greenish-teal and dark, stormy blues.
I made four- 20" string squares and put them together for
a very nice table-topper size.
Since the strips on top were random in size and spacing,
I quilted using randomly spaced squares also:

Perfect for my Autumn table!

Thanks again, friend, for getting me started with a new addiction.
Just what I needed - another fabric addiction!
Albeit an addiction that's totally worth it!!!

If you do the String Thing, let me know...
I may just have some Autumnal Strings to share!

Happy early October Stitching!


  1. That is very nice!! I may have to join in your string thing!

  2. Thanks, Anon. Please do join in! And if you need some extra strings, just leave me a way to contact you!

  3. I love string quilts. I've made a few for Quilts of Valor. I use paper for my foundation.

    1. Hi Cheryl. I wondered if there were folks still using newspaper for foundation. Is this what you use? I do like the news paper weight paper that has no print/ink, but I've exhausted that supply. So no on to muslin as I have a whole bolt of ecru/neutral. It does make it a little heavier with this extra layer, but I find it lays so nicely and smoother for me. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I've made one scrappy string quilt. But today I'll start another stringy project, inspired by YOU! I have a little brown bag full of 1" strips that someone gave me a few weeks ago and I love how this table topper came out, so excuse me while I get started!! Have a great day!

  5. I have one from Guild exchange that I need to quilt, but of course it is the totally opposite of the color spectrum! Would love to make a fall colored one!!


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