Lucy Boston

Thursday, October 24, 2013

June Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses

My Lucy obsession continues-
I have been pretty good on doing one block a week
(mostly meeting my goal of a block a week for this year).

(Though I haven't been good about sharing pictures!!!  
I have to blame it on not have a computer that I could add pics easily... Sorry!)
Anyway, here are my June blocks:
my June Patchwork of the Crosses/Lucy blocks
I've noticed that my June blocks
are maybe a little more springy/summery in color
than previous month's blocks. 
Looking back at my other blocks,
I think I was unintentionally choosing seasonal colors. 

With these June block finishes it means that half of the year is gone...
also means that
HALF of my LUCY blocks are DONE!!! 
Which then leads me to thinking
that I should probably get off the horse and
choose the fabric for the connecting squares.
That way I could get my Lucy
more quilt-like lookin'
than just a bunch of quilt-blocks. :)


  1. NICE Lucy blocks! And great job on continueing your block a week goal! It's going to be a great quilt! T in TX

  2. One of the quilt stores I visited a few weeks ago has the Lucy blocks. I thought of you when I saw them, and, because of your Lucy blocks, I could explain what they were to my friends who didn't know.

    1. Hi, Cheryl! Glad to hear someone else out there in quilt-shop-land is doing Lucy, too!

  3. So cool for fussy cutting! I will not bite off on another project..............;o)

    1. All the fussy-cutting is SO much fun! I know the 'I will NOT start another project' mantra :) Finish your big applique project, then join in!

  4. Very nice blocks! What is the striped fabric - coral or pink with a dark stripe? I can't enlarge the photos, but love the blocks and fabric placement.

    1. the medium pink with brown stripe is a French General fabric. Both selvedges have that great stripe with little dots!


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