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Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I was looking for something online...
I don't even remember what it was now,
and I was side tracked by a site called 
"Days of the Year"
which, I'm quoting, is
"the ultimate resource of worldwide events,
festivals, funny, weird, and wonderful Days of the Year!"
A calendar of
"days to celebrate weird things"
(link here if you'd like to see for yourself some weird things to celebrate).

While browsing this 'find',
I noticed that Friday, June 13th, 2014
wasn't being touted as a day of superstition,
is "Sewing Machine Day"!
Isn't that exciting?
A day to celebrate your sewing machine!!!

Here is one of my favorite machines:
And, another favorite:

Did you know that there was a worldwide
sewing machine day???
Then I read what
the Days of the Year site said about Sewing Machine Day:
  • Sewing machines were once common household objects, used for repairing worn and damaged clothes, as well as for making new items from fabrics and material – in recent years, however, they’ve largely disappeared from the average household.
  • Sewing Machine Day encourages you to make use of a sewing machine – dig yours out of your attic or cupboard, or consider picking a new or used sewing machine from a charity store or second hand shop. Repair, alter and create clothing, curtains, fabrics and decorations for the day!
Funny, right?
NONE of the above is true with the majority of folks that I know!!

Ok, so whom do we contact to let them know that
  1. sewing machines are still a common household item
  2. that we don't just use the machine to repair, but to also create
  3. that machines haven't disappeared from most homes
  4. that we don't have to 'dig out' our machines - many sit out at all times in households, even sit in places of honor in a room dedicated to sewing!
  5. that many of us have multiple machines, even collect sewing machines and sewing related items
  6. that there are a whole lot of us around the world who use their sewing machine every day, and most days for many hours!
Though I've only pictured two of my
more than a handful many sewing machines,
I'm happy to say that today,
Friday-the 13th of June,
I will be celebrating
Sewing Machine Day
by machine sewing!!
And, I will be sewing on more than a few of my machines!!
Hope you can celebrate, also!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I told my DH last evening when he mentioned today would be Friday the 13th, that maybe we shouldn't get out of bed. LOL! I am relieved to know it is Sewing Machine Day and I can certainly celebrate that.
    I was thinking just yesterday that I had not sewn on any of my three featherweights in a number of months.

  2. I did get to sew this weekend!!! Nice machines by the way :)
    t in tx


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