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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hot meandering! Change of seasons & routine

Do you change your routine of quilting/stitching
with the changing of the seasons???

I've shared before that my long-arm machine
is set up in my back sunroom.
BigDD in the sunroom
with my Great-GrandmaB's and Grandma's aprons
clothes-pin clipped as curtains on a clothesline.
It's a very nice sunroom,
with two walls of windows - southern and western exposure,
a cooling slate floor and a ceiling fan. 
Having my HQmachine - Big DD, in this room is wonderful!
Lots of room, with plenty of space, great lighting and breezes.

So when the summer heat
(high 80's  to low 90-degree temperatures)
hit our neck of the woods a few weeks ago,
well before the official start of summer,
I knew it was going to be a long season of
HOT meandering!
(Meandering, in my world, is also known as quilting.)

That early Summer heat turned my beautiful, relaxing, calm and cool quilting environment into a red-hot, blazing KILN!!

Then, the last few weeks we have had
heavy rains 3 or 4 days of each week - just to add some humidity.
Now my sunroom is feeling more like a kiln-fired TERRARIUM!!!

So, I've had to change up my routine...
which I don't usually have to do until late August:

I now head out EARLY morning
to do my meandering...
turn on the ceiling fan, and start meandering away. 

As the angle of the sun
reaches my sunroom windows about late lunchtime
and starts heating the back of my legs,
I close it all down and retreat inside.
Inside to do some hand stitching or machine piecing.

So THAT is my 'change of seasons & routine' story.
Do you also change up your sewing/quilting routines seasonally??

Happy Summer Stitching to you!


  1. Yes, I change my quilting with the seasons. Here in Texas it's already too hot also. Hot and way early in the summer. Not much quilting going on now. I save all my bindings until October. Love your grandmas aprons! t in tx

    1. Thanks, Anon! I've considered saving my bindings for winter, but always end up needing the quilt-y gift before then! :) That would mean I'd have to plan ahead! And thanks, too about the aprons - they are special to me and I decided to display them not hide them!

  2. I have a friend that calls quilting a "winter sport" because it's too hot to do it during the summer.

  3. Too hot and steamy here also. I think I'd rather have the snow, but don't tell anyone that I said that. I don't do much quilting during June, July or August - also toomany kids activities, but cant wait for the cooler weather!

    1. OK, I won't tell anyone you'd rather be having the four letter 's' word than this hot weather :)
      Have fun with the kiddos - maybe a little water play? Thanks for visiting!

  4. I do some season's changes, too. My sewing room is too hot during the day, so I use to do all my hand stitching in the living room and at night I cut the fabrics I need the day after in my sewing room. I'm a principiant quilter on my way to learn every day a little more. Warm greetings from Catania , Sicily.

    1. Hello Rina! Thanks for visiting! I'm glad to hear I am not the only person 'changing my quilting' for the seasons.


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