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Friday, June 27, 2014

hot, steamy meandering & FREE water

So - a couple of days ago we had 4.2 inches of rain...
Yes, you read that right.  
That much rain in one day causes problems.
Just sayin'.

So in six days, we've had over TEN inches of rain.
Yep, problems.
Maybe I should consider taking up boat building instead of quilting?

One of my brothers put a picture of his flooding
(yard, fields, road, etc.)
on facebook and was offering
FREE WATER -bring your own containers for hauling.  
Funny, huh?  And he didn't want any of my extra water.

Also, the temps have stayed in the upper 80's,
so we are still steaming here.
Which means that in between storms,
I have done some more hot and steamy meandering!!

Blocks and o's:
I quilted spiraling squares and o's on this beautiful quilt of Colleen's
and I can't wait to see her scrappy binding on this finish...
(I made her promise to send a pic before she gifts it).
Don't you love those colors?? I know I do!

My next quilt I got to work on was a baby quilt made by one of my paternal Aunts:
(I did the quilting and binding for her great-grand baby that is coming soon.)
She wanted to keep it simple with the quilting,
but I did add a little pop of blue fabric as a flange at the binding edge.
Here is the last picture before I finished the binding:
Don't you love the traditional nursery rhyme fabric?
Perfect for a great grand-baby from Great-Grandma!

Both beautiful quilts and it was another pleasurable (but hot) week of quilting here.

Hope you also have a little stitching time this week!

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  1. Both quilts are great! I can't believe how that simple addition of the blue flange really completes that second one! You're a genius!


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