Lucy Boston

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lucy Boston - change is good? bad?

I am a fan of change.
Bold statement, I know.
I think change is a sign of personal growth,
so, yes, I'm all in for growing, learning, evolving!
So, in the above picture, that left-hand block???
It has a fabric placement problem.
Note the blue/black striped fabric
in the outside corners of the Lucy block...
I was going for an outside-corner look,
as the top-left corner shows.
NOT a chevron look,
as the three remaining corner placements show
And I have to decide if I'm unstitching it or leaving it be...
since only one of the four corners is correct, it would mean unstitching A.LOT.
Thirty inches to be exact.
Yep, that's a whole lot of un-stitching.

Any thoughts/comments?

Here's the crazy part to me (there's always a crazy part with me):
I made this block about a year ago...
I did not notice the wrong placement when I stitched it,
or when I photographed it,
when I shared it with the sew-along group that I was leading at the LQS,
nor when I shared the block finish on my blog. 
Neither did I notice it when I stitched it into the row of blocks.

I only noticed it now,
AFTER I stitched the completed row to the ever-growing quilt top.

At this point, the block is on the outside perimeter of the quilt,
so NOW is the time to change it if I'm going to.

So, please, if you could take a moment and
share your thoughts with me?

Change is good:
should I unstitch and re-stitch                           
as I intended the fussy-cut fabric placement?

Change is bad: 
 should I leave it as is?
Thanks for your time and consideration,
and Happy Monday, Happy Week, and Happy Stitching to you!


  1. Leave it!! I had to read what the problem was in order to see it!! It's gorgeous!

  2. I'd have a hard time leaving it the "wrong" way - So change is bad :) t in tx

  3. Out, out, out! All thirty inches! D

  4. It would bother me if it was mine, so I'd have to take it out. But, like KaHolly, I didn't see it until I read about the problem. It's a beautiful block!

  5. looks good from over here! aussieKay

  6. I'd just change the one corner, and leave the other three corners. I like the three matching corners better.


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