Lucy Boston

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lucy; then the happy dance

To start,
thanks for all the thoughts and responses about
my Lucy Boston block dilemma on my last POTC post...
I've decided that I'm leaving it as is. 
It's been that way for so long and I didn't notice it, 
so I'm going to let it stay.
And it wasn't the hard decision that I thought it would be!
Now on to the happy dance -

Here's my story:
  • I live in a rural area
  • Neighbors can't see my mailbox unless they are driving by
  • I get excited when I find squishy mail in the mailbox
  • A gift from Quilt Doodle Doodles arrived

So why is it that when I'm at my mailbox,
there are always neighbors there to witness my
unorthodox flailing/movements Happy Dance?

So, yes, there are witnesses to this week's
response to a very nice, squishy package that came in the mail.

I'm doing the Sew-Along with Cindy
(of Quilt Doodle Doodles),
and each month she puts all the names (of finishes for that month)
in a drawing for a prize, and
lo, and behold,
I won!

Cute, cute, cute - birds and flowers and feathers fabrics:
AND, Cindy threw in one of her patterns!
Even the packaging was pretty - all those little tumbling blocks.
See?  Isn't that enough to make anyone dance by the side of the road???!

Thank you, Cindy!! 
I love them!!  You made my day!

The neighbors (yes, multiple!)
evidently got a kick out of seeing my so-called
dancing by the side of the road,
as there were TWO phone messages
by the time I got back to the house!!
(I only knew of one couple driving by;
the second message was another neighbor who saw me dancing up to my house!)

So, Cindy, you also helped me make the day
of a few more people
who called to tell me 'that my happy dance made them smile'. 

I don't think they're laughing AT me.

Happy Friday
and Happy Stitching!

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