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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

meanderings the end of June

Besides the wedding shower 
quilt-y gifts that I meandered,
I also got to quilt this lap quilt for Jackie:

Jackie asked for hearts and loops for the meandering,
and I didn't get a close up picture, 
but near the bottom of the photo
you can see some of the hearts.   
She made it for a shower gift and 
has said that she has it ready to gift this week!

I'm now working on
a baby quilt for my new great-niece!
(She was born a minute before the 4th of July
and is such a cutie. She and first-time momma are doing well.
And my brother is so excited - it's his first grand baby.)

I had the pink and green quilt on the long-arm machine
and mostly quilted when new niece arrived.
As soon as she was born and named 
I free-hand quilted her name and birth day onto the quilt.
I love to stitch a surprise into the meandering for the 
recipient to find later, :) and
I do still put a label on the quilt.
The quilt is now in the binding stage 
but is taking a while to I used Minkee as the backing.
I find that Minkee is a little tedious to work with when doing the hand-stitching part.  Though totally worth it when finished as it's just so cuddly and soft.
And I know my new great-niece will be cuddling and loving it so totally worth the challenge.
Have you ever used Minkee as a quilt back? 
And do you also find it tough to hand stitch?

Off to do some more hand stitching on that binding!
Happy Stitching to you also!


  1. Congratulations on the new great-niece! Can't wait to see thepink and green and minkie. Also, a great idea to stitch in a surprise in the quilting! I may have to adopt this practice! Thanks for sharing! t in tx

  2. I've used Minkee on 2 baby quilts, but, I machine quilted both of those.


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