Lucy Boston

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lucy Boston POTC - end of June progress

Summertime fun
has really been curtailing my Lucy progress...
I even waited to share and post this until AFTER
the 4th of July long holiday weekend,
hoping I'd get some more stitching done,
but alas, it did not happen.

So, for the end of June,
I didn't get my sixth row attached - Bummer!

Remember when I warned that
if you are doing Lucy Boston
that you should not wait until the end
to make all the 'extra' pieces
for your honeycomb borders and connecting squares???
Well, that's what I've been stitching...
all of those border and square pieces, very slowly.
(It's much more fun to do the fussy-cutting!)

I do have a couple of blocks to share
that I don't think I've shown before:
My Life Is A Stitch.
My Life Is A Stitch.
They are going into the middle of row six -
as soon as I get all those outside connectors on :)

Hope your weekend was great, and
Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice blocks again! And it looks like to me that you are flying along and getting a lot stitched! t in tx

  2. The second block is very interesting. I like how the stripe forms a border around the central part.

  3. I'm looking for your post that explains why you emphasized NOT waiting til end to add connecting blocks on LB quilt. Can you direct me to it please? Thanks!


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