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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lucy Boston: My block layout template as prep for stitching & travel

I've shared and shared about my Lucy Boston adventure 
over the last year and a half,
but a friend reminded me the other day 
that I've never shared my
method of auditioning & prepping my  
English Paper-pieced Lucy blocks.

Here's a picture of one of my prepped blocks,
partially laid out and ready to travel/stitch:
My Lucy EPP layout template
This template paper has been used multiple times, as you can tell by the fabric strings stuck to the tape pieces; my needle is stuck into the honeycomb piece that I'm stitching next  (I removed the eight outside pieces so you could better see how I did the layout).
AND, the 8.5"by 11" paper is just big enough to fit the center 24 ONE-INCH-pieces of the block - just right for these wonderful blocks!!

Here is the 'blank' layout template:
My Lucy EPP layout template
Here are the quick and easy steps:
  • print this (above) or trace the honeycomb block layout onto a piece of paper to make the layout template  (make multiple copies for multiple block prep)
  • place a piece of double-sided tape into each traced honeycomb on the paper 
  • as you baste each fabric honeycomb, press it onto the taped/appropriate space on your paper.
  • When your block layout is finished, just slide the layout template paper into a clear (photo) sheet protector.
  Here are the Sheet Protectors that I use:
My Lucy EPP layout sheet protector/sleeves.

You can put two of the prepped-block layout templates 
into a sheet protector sleeve (back-to-back),
and drop into your work basket or project box.
 (and, yes, you can get these in smaller quantities than my box of 225!)

The paper templates are reusable, 
but I have replaced the tape strips a few times.
And, if you have no pieces ready to layout, 
just put the taped side of your template against the outside of the sheet protector/sleeve
and it will stick there until ready to peel and use again. 

Two little warnings with this layout method: 
  1. when you remove the taped honeycombs to stitch, you do have to grab the piece by the paper to peel off, not just by the top point of the fabric, as it can cause the paper to pop out... 
  2.  if you leave these prepped blocks on the tape for months and months and months in hot weather conditions/trunk of your car, the tape will adhere to the paper and could ruin your paper-pieces.
This layout method really worked well for me as it is great for take-along stitching...
hope it helps you out also! 

Please feel free to use and share this method, 
just please credit me & my blog if you share it publicly!
Thanks, and Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Interesting read. A good way to keep track of what goes where and when.

  2. That looks like a great method of keeping pieces in order so you can grab and go! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is great!! Thank you so much for sharing. I now know how to travel with my pieces and not loose the design I had in mind! I am now a follower and have pinned this too!


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