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Sunday, August 31, 2014

family reunion time & quilts

It's been a great holiday weekend so far, 
as I hosted the annual paternal family reunion today (Sunday).
It is so great to see the extended family!
The weather wasn't the best today
as another couple inches of rain arrived (after midnight and continued until 2ish).
But the good thing about the rain?
It washed the nasty ragweed pollen out of the air,
making it so much easier to breathe!

There were sun rain canopies set up everywhere out the back door...
on the decks, the stone patio and in the back yard.
Food was delicious and bountiful -
this is the family that cooks like they are Amish,
OR like it is a competition
to see how much you can make to bring share,
so there was plenty of eating.
Also, visiting, laughing, story-telling, 
Jumbo Jenga after the rain left.

and talking QUILTS.

 Five generations were here...
ranging in age from the newest little gal at 8 weeks old,
to a great-aunt who is 87 years old (and is a quilter!).
Moore family reunion 2014
I gave one of my new little nieces her birth quilt that I made for her.
The great-aunt/quilter always checks on my latest quilt, 
and had me get out
my Lucy Boston quilt-in-process to look it over,
and we talked fabrics, preferences of hand-piecing threads and needles.

And from all the reminiscing today,
Great-Aunt Mary and I 
decided that families and quilts are very similar...
there are so many threads that tie us together...
threads of memories, 
of love,
of tears,
and of laughter 
within each family 
and sewn into every quilt.

For all the folks here in the U.S., 
I wish you a pleasant Labor Day Monday,
I hope you have some family time,
and also, get a little stitching time in!

In memory of Uncle Angelo, Uncle Ron, and Uncle Dick -
who each made me laugh.

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  1. looks like a great familly party, especially with a quilting aunt to visit with. fun game idea and happy labor day to you also - and yes, i did stitch! t in tx


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