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Friday, August 29, 2014

oops, I did it again!

No, not the song,
I fell off the fabric wagon!  Again.
I hate fabric diets.

Recently I fell of the fabric wagon in a hard way,
I had ordered the whole collection of Snowbird by Edyta Sitar.
And I knew that the Lexington line was arriving about the same time.

It really was going to be one or the other...

How could I have been so good for 3/4 of the year
and then in two months, 
go into a total fabric-pile slide?
I'll tell you how...
just look at this scrumptious-ness:
Lexington by Minick/Simpson
See? Scrumptious!
How could I resist??
It doesn't help that my 'friends' sent me links and emails and pictures to the new line,
just nudging me along.  (You know who you are & I can repay in kind :)

The bottom two stacks came from, Murfreesboro, TN  (excellent service again, thank you Wanda),
and they didn't receive a few of their ordered bolts.  
But I told myself, that's ok, 
because I really don't NEED 
a small cut of E.V.E.R.Y bolt in the entire line.

one of those above mentioned friends sent me another link!  
to a shop that also had just received the entire line - so I could fill in any missing pieces!
So the top stack came from in Chillicothe, Ohio.
(I've shopped here in person before, really cute shop, but it's a good hour and half drive. This was my first mail order here, and it was excellent service!, They rushed it to the post office so I had it the next day!  Thank you Terri!)

For the fun of it and only because it was in the clearance and the shipping wasn't more, I added a couple more 'text' prints:
Honkey Tonk by Eric & Julie Comstock
You always need more words in your stash, right?
I don't even remember which order this came in...
I was on fabric over-load!
A total fabric-pile slide!

Now it's really time to get busy, don't you think?
I need to go play with my new wagon-load of fabrics.
Happy Friday and Happy Stitching,

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  1. lovely fabrics - I bought some also! t in tx


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