Lucy Boston

Friday, August 1, 2014

I've been working on the railroad...

On the railroad?!
Sure seems like the railroad, anyway.
Just exhausted every night,
and not a whole lot accomplished each day.
Do you ever feel this way too?
I need to get out of this routine and
stop singing that railroad song over and over again!

In reality, I'm just working on the normal 'stuff' around the house...
I could dust every day and the next day the whole place is
coated in another lay of thickness -
as there's construction again in the neighborhood.
The type of construction where they are planting houses
instead of corn in the cornfields,
so heavy dirt movers 
every day - dawn to dusk.
Combine that with the hot summer breezes wind tunnels,
and it seems as if construction is happening in my house, not near it.

I have been doing a little machine-piecing...
I've joined Barb (of Fun With Barb fame) in her 9-Patch Swap:
The blocks aren't due until October 1st, 
but I've chosen the fabrics, cut the fabric into blocks and sewn a few.

For some reason, I have a lot of that blue, so I'm going to use it with both of the light fabrics.
There are 50 of us in the Reproduction Block Group, so I just need to make a pair of blocks for each person in the group.
The group is closed now, but if you visit Barb's blog (here)
you can see the method she's having us use to construct the blocks.
I've used this method before, but because you end up with two opposite blocks,
I've only used it a few times, as most of the time I want all my 9-patch blocks the same.

And then, I've been working on these blocks for a small quilt:
Churn Dash blocks!  
There are 12 blocks in each of the above stacks.
I love Churn Dash blocks!
Churning and churning...maybe that's my 
'I've been working on the railroad' 
problem from above... 
all of those Churn Dashes!
I'm just 'churning' away. :)

Happy August!


  1. i've been churning too. feels like i'm getting nothing done!
    love the blocks. i missed the cutoff for sign up for the 9patches but from pictures it looks like it will be great withall of those fabrics from 50 people!! t in tx

  2. Churning here, too. I'm trying to get everything unpacked and get back to quilting something. The nine patch swap looks like too much fun. I was in one with several gals from the DJ Retreat. When I find them, maybe I will get them put into a top.

  3. I thought you might be making railroad quilt blocks since you said you have been working on the railroad. I always like Churn Dash blocks. Easy to make.


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