Lucy Boston

Friday, August 15, 2014

sorry in advance

I know it's a pain for those leaving comments, 
but I turned on 
word verification.
And I'm so sorry, but the spam was
getting out of control and making me crazy.
(: And I'm crazy enough already, 
without adding "spam crazy" :)

I hope you continue to comment when you visit -
I really appreciate your thoughts and time!!!

Here's some fabric sanity fun I'm into today:
I almost always over-size my blocks then trim to square.
I like how I can get perfectly squared blocks EVERY time with this method.
Do you do this also???

I also like that pile of little trimmings.
I don't know why... not like I use them regularly or anything.
Sometimes I take them from the accumulation in the waste basket and stuff them into pincushions.  Guess I need to make pincushions more regularly.
 No, I do not need to save more scraps! 
THAT would be another crazy! :)
Happy Stitching!


  1. spam crazy is not good! don't blame you at all! t in tx

  2. I do better if I oversize cut block parts and trim to size. And the little piles of trimmings look good but I don't save them.

  3. I most always cut it big and whack it off. I still love my English Paper Piecing projects, but like you once in awhile I want to do something a little different. I love those fabrics.


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