Lucy Boston

Thursday, March 26, 2015

snow & strawberries

We had about 4 inches of snow
a couple of evenings ago, 
with white-out conditions that started as dark settled in.
So to celebrate the Spring snow,
I went back to the sewing room
and got started on some berries!!
Here is a picture of my "kit" that I cut:
I pre-cut and stacked all of the block pieces in the right order for attack.
I don't always do the pre-cut kit thing, 
but do when I feel I'm under a deadline.
And, since this quilt is going to a baby that's already here, 
I feel that's the deadline. :)

So I wondered, 
do you pre-cut your whole quilt so you are ready to get going?

Detail oriented folks may notice that I did change out most of the fabrics that I had already chosen, changing from Civil War reproductions to more baby-like, modern prints.

Here's a look at the beginning of the snow right before sunset and white-out:
Well, not that you could see the sunset for the snow!

That's my fun so far this week -
Happy Thursday!!


  1. The reds and greens are so luscious. I think I'd be content just looking at them - wouldn't have to make a quilt at all!

  2. Strawberries and ice :) Delicious. I never have time to cut pieces for a whole quilt. I am to eager to start LOL This strawberryquilt will be wonderful. We had a lot of snow yesterday too, and I hate it!! I am ready for spring now.

  3. That is such a sweet quilt for a baby! I need to branch out with the baby quilt thing. Seems like I always fall back on my standard 4-patch. And, I guess I rarely cut out my entire quilt at once, but I do find that when I do it things progress much quicker! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Sometimes I cut the whole quilt out and sometimes not. If it is a scrappy quilt, I tend to cut some now and cut some later.


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