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Sunday, June 14, 2015

a little more stitching... and some cake

I worked in just a little stitching time this weekend...
it was french knot time:
It's the next letter in my work on the Gardener's Alphabet 
(a pattern by Crabapple Hill).
This one has lots (and lots and lots) of french knots, 
but I like the almost finished look.

And, the 'tropical mango' box cake mix was pretty good.
Maybe a little better the second day, 
as the mango flavor was a little stronger.
I did make my own icing, and added some lemon juice - 
my grand-mommas always added lemon juice to icing for fruity cakes, so I do also.
I'm not really an icing fan, and scrape it off the cake before I eat it,
but it keeps the cake moist until then.
I normally bake from scratch, 
but this mix cake was good and moist.

So, my review :) 
of Pillsbury's Seasonal Tropical Mango cake 
is two forks up!

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  1. I would love to sit by you when eating cake so I could put the extra frosting on my piece of cake. Yum!


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