Lucy Boston

Sunday, June 28, 2015

a few blocks and half of '15

If you recall, I was being taunted by the
stack of fabrics and the Farm Girl Vintage pattern book
for a couple of months or more.

Yesterday I did meander over a baby quilt for a friend, 
and I'll share that another day,
but, as soon as I finished up those 
four quilt tops/works in progress of mine
(that I'd promised myself I'd do before starting something else),
I headed to the sewing room and got in my sewing fix!
I didn't stay there long each day,
but it was just enough to settle me down
(if you are a quilter, then you probably understand that).

I'd decided to start with the 6 inch blocks,
but I may eventually add some of the 12 inch blocks, too.

So, in four days, with just a little stitching time here and there,
I have these five blocks sewn:
So soothing, just that little bit of stitching.

Then I looked at the calendar and realized that 
it's almost the end of June already.
That's half a year gone!  
Boy, oh boy, it seems like time is flying.
Or is it only me that thinks this?
I sure had big ideas about things I wanted to accomplish this year, 
and I'm not half finished, though the year is!!
Guess I better get cracking, yes?
Focus, focus may become my mantra. :)

Hopefully, like me, 
you had some stitching/calming time this past weekend also.
Happy end of June!


  1. Wow! you have five blocks done already! I love them. Great colors too! It does seem like time is flying by. My husband figures that at our age a year lasts about 6 months. I think he is right. I do love Fall though so I'm not going to complain! I hope you enjoy making these as much as we enjoy looking at them!

  2. Your blocks look great!!! I try and hand quilt 6 quilts a year. It is the end of June and I have only completed 2 1/2. I'm way behind, AND with over 20 tops waiting their turn it will take me over 3 yrs to quilt them IF I don't make any more tops. It's just a cycle, isn't it?


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