Lucy Boston

Monday, June 22, 2015

raining indoors and lunch with a friend

We have had rain, rain, and more rain around here.
Not as badly as some have had,
but just over 4 inches in one 24-hour period last week was plenty.

And, when it's raining indoors, you know you've had enough rain. :)

I didn't take a picture,
but I am so glad that I collect antique porcelain wash tubs...
I had e. v. e. r. y.  wash tub that I own
parked around my hearth and wood burning stove in the living room.
In between showers on Wednesday evening,
my Sweetie was on the roof,
with my warehouse-sized jumbo roll of plastic wrap.

Yes, he wrapped the chimney in plastic wrap.
(We didn't have a large enough tarp on hand.)
We were laughing at ourselves and our dilemma...
 with a ladder up to the roof edge, 
and a ladder ON the roof against the chimney, 
and the warehouse-sized jumbo roll of plastic wrap in hand
and wrapped around and around and over the chimney.  
We were laughing at ourselves, laughing at ourselves.
He promises that the plastic-wrapped chimney is only 
until the rain stops long enough to get a roofing guy out here 
to see what's up.  Or off.  Or something. 

The rain continued Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 
so I was still drip-catching through the weekend.
Thankfully though, not as much rain indoors those days.
Raining indoors day 
was supposed to be the day that I went to lunch with a friend.
We'd talked about going a week or so before,
but something came up then, so we changed it.  
Then we changed it again when it rained indoors.
Anyway, we finally made it and it was so nice and relaxing...
Good company, good food and a nice place to visit.

We lunched at the Morgan House, in Dublin, Ohio.
Morgan House is huge - with different sections that include:
restaurant, gift shop, home decor and furniture, and gourmet foods.
We were seated in the original dining section of the restaurant - the log cabin.
It truly is an old log cabin!!! - 
it was erected from the original log cabin
named after famed Civil War Veteran John Hunt Morgan.
Shortly after the Civil War, the log cabin was dismantled and reassembled on Glick Road, here in central Ohio.

This picture was taken with my phone, so not the greatest picture.
(: Or maybe operator issues :)
But hopefully you can see the original log cabin wall in the background, with a great quilt hanging on it, and yummy lunches on the table.

Thankfully, the raining indoors has ended, 
as I'd rather be stitching than catching drips. :)

Hope you are having as wonderful a start to your Summer
as I've had!


  1. Years ago, I had dinner with some friends at a local restaurant. It was raining and the ceiling began dripping over our table. We told the waiter and he said there were no empty tables to move us to. We had used umbrellas to get into the restaurant, so opened them and put them over our heads. The manager hurried over and was not happy with us but was polite. We left not long after that. A funny evening.

  2. Well, I guess it is good that you can laugh about it. Sounds horrible. Looks like the wonderful lunch out might have softened the day a bit. Love the quilt on the wall! Hope the sun will come out for you soon.


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