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Thursday, June 4, 2015


arrival of the doll quilt from the swap!
Jill, from Pennsylvania, 
made the little quilt for me and I'm in love with it!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jill!!!!
Isn't it adorable?!?
The amount of fabrics Jill used in this little quilt is astounding - 
truly like a vintage doll quilt, 
made for a little girly from the family's clothing scraps.

With our yucky weather again today,
it was hard to get a good picture of the true colors, 
but the setting squares fabric is a salmon-y pink, 
and the outside, half-triangles are a deep, chocolate brown;
the four patches are made with shirtings and fabrics of every design:   
there are keys, itsy-bitsy flowers, pins, tacks, berries, baskets, hearts, sprigs, stems, dots, and flourishes.  Also circles, squares, diamonds, stars, horseshoes and jockeys.  There are even roosters with little tossed feathers!  
(In her note, Jill said she doesn't know why, but she always puts a piece of fabric with a chicken in each quilt she makes - isn't that great?)  

The backing fabric she used
is a beautiful vintage-looking, golden stripe with salmon flowers.
 And to top off all of that?  It's hand quilted with what looks to be a variegated pink thread (you may be able to see the excellent hand-quilting if you enlarge the photo).

Just beautiful.  I already have it on my old Singer sewing machine used as a stand, that sits beside my stitching chair, and it's perfect there - like it was made specifically for that space.

Jill packaged the little quilt in a fat quarter of beautiful green fabric, tied with a flourish-printed selvedge, and in the package was a sweet card, a PA-made chocolate bar 
(: of which I've already eaten at least half :) 
and a little 2 1/2 inch charm pack of Jelly Bean - 
a fabric line by Laundry Basket Quilts. 

I am so thankful to Jill for all of her time and love she put into making this quilt, and for all of the extras she stuffed into the envelope to send to me.

It was another wonderful 'swap' to participate in and I thank Lori (of Humble Quilts ) for hosting again!  I think there will be a link-y party on Lori's blog soon, to let all 70 people who participated share their little quilts from the swap.  I'll share it when it's available.

Happy Thursday, and thanks for visiting!


  1. I have a friend who always put at least one cat print fabric in her quilts.

  2. What a sweet little quilt. I wanted so much to join in on this swap but my life was too busy at the time. Hopefully Lori will do another one sometime. I have a certain piece of fabric that I put into all my quilts. It's red with a gold scroll. If it doesn't go with the colors I'm using for the top then I just frame the label with it and put it on the back. I've even just sewed a triangle in one of the corners of the top as a way to put it in. That's what I did with the quilt I'm currently quilting, it is Orange and Black (Hallowe'en 1904) but it has a little red triangle in one corner.

  3. Lucky you to receive such a cute, little doll quilt! It does have a vintage look to it.

  4. what a sweet doll quilt you received! super cute!

  5. Oh it is lovely! I love all the conversationals she used. And I do hope you have eaten the rest of the chocolate by now! Can't wait to link up and see all these wonderful quilts together.

  6. perfectly scrappy & delightful!!

  7. So glad you liked the quilt and the little extra goodies.


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