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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did you know?

That you

Remember when?...
you were taught to sew?...
And you were warned over and over
that you needed to keep your finger
away from the needle up and down area?

"Keep your fingers away from the presser foot area."
"The machine will sew right through your finger."

Yep, you really can!
The denim weight needle makes a good sized hole right through your nail and out the other side.
And your first instinct is to jerk your finger back away from the pain of the puncture.
And this jerking motion bends the needle as it is rising back up from the journey through your finger. 
Even a heavy needle that is meant for denim blends bends with this jerking motion.

Then you look at both sides of your finger and say to yourself...
"you really can sew through your finger!"

Then you go wash it and bandage it.
Then you look in your purse to find your last tetanus shot card.

for the next week or so,
you find different fingers on which to put your thimble
and to pull your needle and thread, 
and bind your commission quilts...
(Sorry the pic is a little out of focus)
Lesson learned:

"Keep your fingers away from the presser foot area.
"No matter if you are in your first half century
or second half century of life.
"The machine will still sew right through your finger."

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  1. There must be something in the air...I did the same thing recently! Really like your blog!


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