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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

meandering the end of October

Can't believe that October is already gone!
I finished up the end of the month working on a couple more quilts for folks.
First, here's Virginia's great 30's fabric one:

And another stringy-star by my Great-Aunt Mary:

She would like me
to do the trimming and binding on this one.
The last one took her quite a while to do the binding,
she says her hands aren't quite as "young" as they used to be.
It will be my pleasure!
I love the tactile pleasure of binding.
For me, it's relaxing to sit and stitch in the evening.
So, while my hands are still "young"
I will gladly take needle and thread to fabric
to finish off a quilt!

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  1. Beautiful...I too love binding in the evenings. I find it very relaxing.


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