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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, the clocks are pushed back.
The sun is now setting here at about 5:30 p.m.
We are enjoying our "Indian summer", so the weather is great for mid November.
And, I don't know why,
but I have a feeling of SLOW.
Yes, slow.
Part of it is, I think, that it is getting dark early.
But, I think the main reason for my feeling of SLOW is the fact that
my quilting machine is having "communication failure".
Pour D.D. 
I can turn on the machine and stitch,
but eventually both screens are covered by an error message.
"communication failure".  And then I have to turn the machine off and let it re-set and then turn it back on and start stitching again.  And then repeat about every 10 minutes or so...

So, this means that my commission quilts are lining backing up.
My cut-off for taking on new commissions this year is Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is way earlier than usual. 
Earlier than usual because of the quantity that are awaiting meandering.
(I think I have mentioned the fact that peeps are finishing up gifts ahead of schedule this year.)

Well, everyone except me, that is...

And now, the "error" message.
I have spoken with my local rep.
I have spoken with the manufacturer's rep. 
I have down-loaded and up-loaded updates.
Now it's the weekend and I can't talk with anyone about this on-going problem.

Maybe this is a good thing,
this "error message, 'cause
I dug a tunnel into my sewing room/studio
and un-buried my sewing machine
and a couple of WIPs.
You know - Works In Progress...
Yep, definitely a Good Thing!
Not a good thing for the commissions, but a good thing for my WIPs and sewing room.

Not sure how that happens with my sewing area....
Progress, but sloooowww progress.

And I can talk to the reps about the error message again on Monday...

Happy Stitching!
Even if it's slow...

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