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Friday, November 19, 2010

mashed potato memories

A Great-Grandma B thought for this time of year....

Mashed Potato Dinner Rolls...

since I've just checked the calendar
where I have written
my orders
for dinner rolls for Thanksgiving...

Mashed Potato Dinner Rolls...
the recipe from Great Grandma B.

(I know that other families have this same recipe,
and I'd like to hear from you about your mashed potato memories!)

Yes, they really have mashed potatoes in them...
Yes, the are really scrumptious...

I still make them just like Great Grandma B did.
Some flour and butter.  A little sugar, salt and yeast.  A few eggs.
And the mashed potatoes.
Mix, knead, let them rise.
(a single batch of seven grain on the left & a double batch of regular on the right)
About an hour and a half later, roll out and cut into circles. 
Brush on some melted butter, fold in half, and let them rise again, then bake.

It's always amazing to see
family, friends, and neighbors
stop by
just as I am pulling rolls from the oven. 

I have accused Sweetie
of calling around and telling folks
that the rolls are coming out of the oven at a certain time. 
He promises he doesn't. 
(I make him promise on a fresh, hot, out-of-the-oven roll.)
But the peeps still come just at the right time to have a fresh roll!
(these folks might just know my habits
and come the same time every year,
I will have to pay attention to this!
I may just have to make rolls on two days this year
and see if they come both times!!!)

Yep, it's about that time of year - Thanksgiving time!
Another family gathering and all the food that that entails.
A very thankful time of year.
A time to reminisce about family.

Blessings to you and your families...

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