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Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Autumn & Vintage Trick or Treat finish

Welcome Autumn - today being the first official day!
So, here's
Crabapple Hill's version of
Vintage Trick or Treat:
Yes, I've shared before that
I live "a little on the dark side"
in the fabric/quilting world...
so here's my version of
Vintage Trick or Treat:
You'll notice right off that my version is much darker -
darker in the threads chosen for embroidery stitching
and in the fabric choices.
Also, I didn't use the rick-rack or ball fringe. 
Nothing against that either, but I thought
my "darker version"
didn't need rick-rack or fringe.
I replaced the rick-rack
with a small quarter-inch finished "flange" with no cording. 
That did change the perceived size of some of my nine-patches,
though that doesn't bother me.
Also, I opted NOT to scallop my borders -
just a little too "frilly" looking for my tastes.

Then, on to the quilting:
The pattern maker chose to have hers quilted
with an all-over pantograph of pumpkins and leaves. 

I COULD NOT make myself
quilt over the top of
all of my hand-embroidery stitching!!!

So... I did block-specific quilting...
vines and leaves and a little "base" on each of the blocks:
 Ribbons and squiggles around the center goodie bag:
 And, a view of the backing and quilting:
Pumpkins and leaves and vines in the borders.

My "sample" was hanging in the local quilt shop,
since I was the "leader of the pumpkin gang" for this project.
But, now it is home,
so it's going on the wall in the family room -
I think it's about time to start decorating for Autumn!!

What are you working on,
and are you ready for autumn to arrive
and to decorate accordingly?

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  1. Great job! I'm working on placemats and table runners I started last fall. I sewed them on my 1st treadle. Maybe I'll get at least one table runner done before the season ends this time. Hand quilting is slow, and I have tons of other projects to get done, too.


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