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Sunday, September 18, 2011

stew's almost done!

It's almost stew weather around here, and it feels kinda' good,
but I'm talking stitching...

Here's my almost finished Alphabet Stew
And I say almost,
because I thought it WAS finished and ready to frame,
I still need to stitch
the tendrils on the green beans and the zucchini.
Don't know why I didn't do that already.
Well, I guess I do know why...
I was stitching with brown,
and the tendrils are supposed to be green floss.
I stitched all the wool onto the Osnaburg fabric with Aurifil's wool thread...
it's an 50/50 mix of wool & acrylic.
And I love stitching with it.
The old wool threads broke easily
and frayed at the needle eye
and were basically a pain to try to stitch with.
This is NOT.  Not a pain to stitch with.

Anyway, this Aurifil Lana that I used is number 8078 -
it's kind of a heathered brown
with just a touch of dark pine-y green. 
No, it's not shiny at all. 
The camera flash did that 'cause I was trying to get too close.
Now, to decide if I'm really making
vegetable stew for dinner tonight...

Happy Stitching!

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