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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who did that?

I traced all of the parts of some veggies...

and then ironed them onto some wools...
In preparation for this:
Vegetable Stew by Threads That Bind.

I had previously stitched the letters
onto a great piece of Osnaburg that I had added a little coffee stain to.

So, after I had traced and pressed the 30 little pieces?
I could not find the stitched alphabet piece!

So what ensued?
An hour search through all of my hand stitching bags and projects.
I KNOW I had stitched it.
Where could it be?

No luck, so, I took a break from searching
and went back to meandering on the "Big DD" quilting machine.

Then, after dinner, I HAD to search again. 
It was really bothering me.
I re-checked all of the places I had checked before.
Then I cleaned out my desk drawer.
Also cleaned out the scrap box on my cutting table.
I had a trash bag with me this time, so I was pitching stuff as I went along.
You know, scraps of paper, little snippets of fabric.
The packaging that my new pressing sheet came in- why was I keeping that?
Also pitched the little bag that came with my travel iron
that I NEVER ONCE have used for traveling as it isn't heat resistant.

Anyway, after cleaning and pitching for an hour plus,
I went out and sat in my easy-girl-chair
and went through the thoughts in my mind. 
Where could that piece of stitching be?

If I was a piece of stitched fabric, where would I be?
If I was putting stuff away, where would I have put it?
OK, I did put it somewhere.  Just where?!?

Finally, I decided that I had been working at my desk,
reorganizing a couple of weeks ago, 
so possibly,
it could be in a project bag at my desk...
So, I went through all 5 of the project bags again, piece by piece.
Not there, again!

It was now after midnight.
I should just go to bed.
I should sleep on it and look for it again tomorrow.
On the way out of the studio,
I went back to my cutting table and put away some stuff that I had moved to dig through.
You know, putting stuff away,
back onto the shelves above the cutting table.

On this shelf:
In that stack of  brown, cream and tan fabrics?
I found my piece of stitched fabric!!!
It was wadded up and jammed into that stack of fabric!!!
Who would have done that? :)
Why would I have put a stitched piece of fabric into Stash Fabric???
I think it was probably me...
Today while I'm watching the football game
from my easy-girl-chair,
I'm going to be doing some stitching...

Happy Stitching to you!

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