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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

labor on Labor Day

Well, that sure was fast!
Can't believe we've gone through June, July and August.
Where does the time go?
We went from 100 degrees, sunny and VEERRYY humid
to mid 60's and rainy in only the past couple of days.
And with the change of weather on Labor Day Weekend,
it was good to stay inside and do some more stitching!

Here are a few things I've labored on over the past week:
Be careful how you store your quilts!!!
The following quilts were
layered over an unused bed
when Ann inherited them:
 (This one is a white muslin whole-cloth quilt)
 and the little mice families made a nest (or ten)!
 (this one is a beautifully pieced Mennonite top 
with white muslin backing and hand-quilted)
The largest hole (shown repaired above) was 6 by 9 inches...
I know, white muslin doesn't photograph well,
but it must make good little mice-y homes!
Two quilt repairs down and one more to go. 
I'll show some before pics of it -
it must have been good mice-nest making material on the top, too!

Also this past week I got to do some meandering on a couple of panels...
This is Stella's. 
Her son has a place in Alaska that he has to fly into -
and that's where they go to salmon fish!
So, when she saw this,
she had to have it for a wall-hanging for his Alaska place. 
 Next, Shirley's baby gift.  Too cute, isn't it?
Then, a change of subject:
I was at a guild quilt show the Friday of Labor Day weekend, and that was fun!
It was great to see all of the great work that everyone is doing!
Soooo inspirational.
I saw a two-color "Dear Jane" that was stupendous.
Great job, Joyce!
It got Viewer's Choice AND Best of Show, and it deserved both!
My camera battery was a goner, so no pics, but, really, the show was truly amazing!
I know some GREAT quilters, I've decided!

back to work for me;
Hope your Labor Day was wonderful, and
Happy Stitching this September (already)!!!

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